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Creating Value for Our Clients

We get our thrills by finding unique and custom build solutions to house-related problems. That’s how we create value for our clients.

Tvelt Build Landscape Trends 2017

Landscape Trends 2017

We’ve definitely noticed a change in the types of landscape projects happening around Toronto.

Tvelt Build Bathroom Remodel

Calm, Contemporary Bathroom

A unique, third floor Master Bathroom with a sloped ceiling created design challenges and opportunities.

MRTN Architects - Trentham Long House

Build with Gabions

Gabions have been used for thousands of years for military barricades, protecting river banks, retaining walls, and have recently become trendy in residential and commercial landscaping.

Tvelt Build - Cedar Deck Toronto

An urban backyard escape

With the weather getting nicer and a couple landscaping projects on the horizon, my thoughts turned to a recent North Toronto landscaping project.

Tvelt Build - Toronto Builder

Renovations: Where Your Waste Goes

Ever wonder where your old bathroom, kitchen, or flooring ends up? It’s not a trick question. The answer: a landfill.

Sauna Experience

Sauna: A Nordic Experience Worth Embracing

Sauna’s are a big part of my Estonian culture, but haven’t experienced the wide appeal in North America, being limited mostly to hotels, swimming pools, and health clubs.

Renovations and Tree Protection Zones - Tvelt Build

Don’t overlook tree protection zones when building

Anyone that’s been involved with a major renovation or building project in a dense urban centre knows that space can be a scarce resource.