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Creating Value for Our Clients

We get our thrills by finding unique and custom build solutions to house-related problems. That’s how we create value for our clients.

It’s through this value creation that we aim to make a profit (wait, what?). Don’t let that scare you, here’s another way of looking at this concept.

Our goal is to do such a great job for the client that they’ll want us to make a profit because they want our business to be viable. Something around the house will eventually need updating again, and again, and they’ll want to have us back because they believe in our service (and they like us).

This value creation approach allows us to reconcile client requests and our growth objectives. And more importantly, it benefits both parties. We create value for our clients by:

  • Following best practices and using quality materials
  • Embracing design and function first
  • Take ownership of missteps
  • Building loyalty with our clients

Best practices and quality materials

There’s a lot of science behind building practices and building materials. Whether it be a wall assembly or shower stall, the various components of any build or improvement are designed to work together. Altering an approach (a.k.a cutting corners) or using inappropriate materials can have adverse implications down the road. Everything might look great initially, but the construction may fail well before it should.

That doesn’t mean we only use high-end materials – we recently tiled a shower using $2/sqft tiles, and it looked incredible. An obvious no-no when it comes to material selection would be laminate flooring in wet areas.

With a value creation approach, there’s no room to cut corners or use inappropriate materials.

We follow best practices and use quality materials, that’s how we create value.

Good design and function

We experience the world through feelings. Exploring nature can make you feel clear, and calm. Walking into a well-designed space can instantly make you feel relaxed. The truth is, good design is so subjective. To us, good design is not only how it works but also how it makes you feel.

With every build, we ask: how do you want to feel in your space? And, what solution does this space need to provide? These two questions serve as the foundation in pricing, planning and executing a project.

Our pricing model is driven by this approach – and our clients respect that. Sometimes it means that we’re priced out of a job, and that’s ok. We’re not concerned with how much Joe plumber charges – his price is his price. Instead, we focus on creating value for our clients and we charge a fair price for that service.

We approach building with design and function in mind so our clients feel happy in their new space, that’s how we create value.

Take ownership of missteps

Deflecting blame doesn’t solve the problem. When things don’t go as planned, we ask ourselves: what could we have done differently?

This simple question helps frame the problem in terms of something we can control, and also highlights the steps needed to fix the issue.

More often than not, miscommunication is at the root of the problem. So it’s important to remember that everyone has a unique perspective on the world, and the challenge at hand. What is obvious to one, could be completely foreign to someone else. Having experienced these situations, we understand that clear communication is so vital to project success, and retaining happy clients.

We take ownership so our clients don’t have to worry about resolving issues, that’s how we create value.


Loyalty with our clients

Even though our services have evolved over the years, we will pretty much do any home improvement task for a return client who treats us well.

Our return clients appreciate that we take the time to come and hang a door, fix a couple deck boards or paint a room. These relationships are mutually beneficial because they don’t need to vet new contractors, and we can spend less time on generating qualified leads. There’s also a great deal of flexibility in scheduling these tasks, which keeps both parties happy.

Building and maintaining these relationships has been the key to our success.

We reward loyalty by being dependable and flexible, that’s how we create value.


There you have it – an insightful look at our business and how we aim to create value for our clients. We may be known as a Contractor in the traditional sense, but we like to think of ourselves as problem-solvers and solution finders.

Let’s chat about your next build project, call us at 416.844.7494 or email info@tveltbuild.com.

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