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Tvelt Build Landscape Trends 2017

Landscape Trends 2017

We’ve definitely noticed a change in the types of landscape projects happening around Toronto. More and more, homeowners are looking for unique and creative solutions to reach their landscaping goals. Based on the 2017 Houzz Landscape Trend Study, similar changes are happening throughout the US as well.

According to the Houzz Study, almost seven in ten people use their outdoor spaces for relaxing – ground-breaking insights right!? The challenge we often face is how to create a private space in an urban neighbourhood that makes relaxation possible. Recently, we completed a design + build for a firewood rack to solve backyard privacy concerns.


Tvelt Build Landscape Trends 2017

The firewood racks help to frame the yard, add privacy and even better – they provide a stunning backdrop to a future outdoor living space. We’re so pumped with how it turned out!

In addition to wanting unique outdoor spaces, we’re also seeing an increased interest in native, insect and bird attracting plants. In the Houzz Study, ‘Insect/Bird Attracting’ was one plant characteristics that increased in demand year over year. ‘Low Maintenance’ and ‘Flowering’ plant characteristics are still commonly sought, but their demand decreased from last year.

We’re not surprised by the desire to seek nature – it seems to be a natural counterbalance for our connected lives. We love connecting with people though digital means that we’d otherwise be unable to reach, but we’re all just human, animals, a part of the Earth’s ecosystem, and there seems to be something very comforting about connecting with nature at home.

Building outdoors makes it possible to work with materials in their more natural state, such as the wood logs above or river-rock – often used for gabions. These natural materials create an authentic feeling and enhance our sense of connectedness.

Tvelt Build - Build with Gabions

The 2017 landscape trends we’re noticing are very much aligned with our Nordic roots, and we’re extremely excited about the direction of landscape design in Toronto.

Check us out on Houzz for some landscape ideas.