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Renovations: Where Your Waste Goes

Ever wonder where your old bathroom, kitchen, or flooring ends up? It’s not a trick question. The answer: a landfill.

Most try not to think about it – it’s uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to write this post. The idea arose from a brainstorming session, but I almost bailed a few times as I was writing it. I’m fairly confident most of our clients have never been to the local ‘Waste Transfer Station’, but I certainly have, and will return again and again. Like most people, I try not to think about what’s happening – it’s gross, and sad.

Deep down I think everyone cares about the environment, but circumstances (budget, lack of alternatives) prevent this care from being the primary driver of decisions. ‘Disassembly as a Service’ is substantially more expensive than demolition. But disassembly is required to recycle more materials and divert more from landfills.

Changing patterns requires us to be more mindful. Consider the following and let’s get trending towards a greener future:

  • Is a complete gut and rebuild necessary? Could you achieve an acceptable result with a remodel?
  • Whether rebuilding or remodelling – buy high quality materials. They cost more upfront, but will last (stay nice) longer.
  • Look for opportunities re-purpose old materials and fixtures. Good quality used materials or fixtures can perform as good as new. Older fixtures often have a sturdier construction as well. Consider re-finishing.
  • Finally, there are other online classified services out there. Personally, I’m not a fan of having strangers come to my house.

So that’s it. Consider that your waste could have another life being reused or up-cycled into something incredible.