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Don’t overlook tree protection zones when building

Anyone that’s been involved with a major renovation or building project in a dense urban centre knows that space can be a scarce resource. For a project to run efficiently, contractors need ample room to work, and to stage materials and equipment. With space already limited, Tree Protection Zones (TPZ’s) can be an additional hindrance to efficient work.

From personal experience, it can be extremely frustrating to see large swaths of land sit empty while I search for a suitable location to drop the next material delivery. But I remind myself that the size of TPZ’s aren’t arbitrary, they’re designed to prevent soil compaction on the root system of a tree. While the presence of TPZ’s can slow construction, the long term value of a healthy, mature tree will far outweigh the costs of protecting it during construction.

A little frustration is much better than the alternative – a dying tree. A poorly maintained tree can decrease property value and could result in expensive cleanup and repair costs down the road. It’s going down, I’m yelling timber…♪ – ok, not funny, sorry, back to it.

Tree Protection Zones Toronto

Benefits of Mature Trees

  • Mature trees, in well landscaped yards add more than beauty, they actually increase the value of your home. Property values can increase between 5-19% depending on the species and who you ask.
  • Trees can also help save on energy bills. Properly located trees can reduce air conditioning needs by providing shade in the summer months and reduce heating costs by blocking winds in the winter.
  • Trees can also have a positive effect of your mood and wellbeing – whether the first blossoms in the spring, or the vibrant colours of autumn, trees usher in the seasons and announce their passing.
  • A well placed tree can provide privacy from the road and neighbours, helping to create a livable outdoor space.
  • Value of a tree arises from both functional and aesthetic considerations. Consult with a Landscape Pro to discuss options that work for you.

Considering Adding Trees?

If you plan to stay in your home for a few years, plant a 10ft (3m) tree in your yard. The cost of a tree this size should be in the $300 range (plus Labour, if not your own) depending on species. Mature trees can have an appraised value of $10,000+. Planting a tree just may yield the best return on investment of any home improvement project. Plant your tree and watch it grow along with the value of your home.